Dear Family and Friends,

What a great celebration on Saturday night.  There were so many people who helped with the set up, desserts, music, decorations and tear down of the night.  Thank you.  As I stood at the door and greeted everyone, I was OVERWHELMED!  I am still re-living the evening and I am still overwhelmed at the love poured out for me and my family.  For those who were unable to attend, I’ll give a brief overview of the evening.

We were entertained and amazed by the illusionist talent of Bill Abbott.  His talent and humour was a highlight for me and was a great way to start the evening.  (At home Nathan is now practicing his card tricks and is remembering phrases like “easy come, easy go”…)

We also showed this video: Conquer Cancer. This a powerful reminder of the research that has been done and the successes that have been found in the fight against cancer.

Jeff noted some Firsts from PMH including the first stem cell transplant in 1971.  One of my Doctors, Dr. Messner was a part of that groundbreaking discovery and played a vital role in my own bone marrow transplant.

Here is another video showing some of the groundbreaking work that Princess Margaret is a part of in the fight against cancer:  In Our Lifetime

Jeff also asked our guests to consider making a donation to the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation through their Doves of Hope program.

My Daddy was the next up in the program.  Rather than summarize what he said that night I’m going to ask him to share here for you all.

After that, I got up to say a few words.  It was quite overwhelming to look out over the crowd of people and see familiar faces from all areas of my life, family, new friends, life long friends, neighbours… Just before I was in hospital a friend had written out a word picture for me.  She saw me in the centre or a ring of people, held in the arms of Jesus.  Then Jeff and Nathan, followed by my parents and family. Surrounding them were friends and complete strangers who were praying for me.  To complete the circle were the Holy Angels, protecting me.  As I looked out over the crowd that night, it was that word picture, in living colour.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… thank you.  Thank you to each of you who attended our celebration.  Thank you to each of you who were unable to attend but celebrated with us from where you were.

Love Heather