Dear Family and Friends,

I know that you have been waiting for this news and praying and thinking about us today as we met with the doctors.  We met first with Dr. Rotstein, the Infectious Disease doctor at TGH and he was able to share some of the preliminary results of the lung biospy. They are still waiting on some of the pathology to come back…

He told us that there were no cells indicating the fungal infection! (YAHOO!)

And he told us that the cells were not malignant/cancerous! (DOUBLE YAHOO!)

Some of the cells that they found were infectious, pneumonia (and some other things that had fancy names that I don’t remember) which of course explains why I am still coughing and short of breath.  He prescribed an antibiotic for 14 days that should clear this up or at least put me on the right path.

He also said that he was surprised by some of the results… what was found and what wasn’t found.  I don’t remember all of that conversation because I was so busy thanking God but I did say that we weren’t surprised because of all the prayers that had been given on our behalf.

When he looked at my blood work he noticed that one part where there had been a change for the worse and then for whatever reason… they changed back for the good to where he is no longer concerned.  Out of curiousity (and because of all your prayers and our time with the elders at our church…) I asked when the change began to happen. Looking back to the charts he said that things started to get better around the end of May.  Your focused prayers and our time with the elders was on the May long weekend.  Jeff and I recognize this as the hand of God.

I don’t know what else to say.  I am filled to overflowing with joy, even though I’m still coughing and short of breath. I know that the results could have been much different.  I know that each day of my life is a gift and I’m working hard to live that way.

Thank you all for everything.  Jeff and I have been surrounded by peace as we waited for the biopsy and for the results.  We will continue to wait on God for the healing of these infections that linger in my lungs.

We love you all,

Heather, Jeff and Nathan