Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for your prayers, your notes and your thoughts for me, Jeff and Nathan today.  We all slept well and were full of peace as we went downtown this morning for my lung biopsy.  Jeff and I had some great conversation about a book that I’m reading right now (more on that another time) and Nathan was busy singing worship songs from his High Seas Adventure cd (today is the day You have made, I will rejoice and be glad in it…).

We arrived and I was taken into the day unit and the nurse walked me through the procedure and put in my IV.  I am always thankful for nurses who are really great at giving IV’s and able to insert the IV on the first try.  Success!  While I was full of peace about the procedure there were still a few times when I got anxious and started to cry but I was able to control myself and put things back into perspective.

I was taken into the procedure room and set up on the CT table.  The procedure was scheduled to take 60-90 minutes, most of this time was to be taken up by the repeated CT scans.  As expected, the freezing was the the worst part and the part that I was most nervous about (same as getting your gums frozen for a cavity…).  When the doctor gave me the freezing I was surprised that it wasn’t really terrible at all.  The procedure itself wasn’t pain free, but it wasn’t painful.  The biopsy was taken from the back of my left lung.  I was lying on my stomach the entire time, head to the side, arms strapped down so I didn’t move.  The doctor was great, giving me enough information so that I knew that she would be taking a sample, but not so much information that I could picture what she was doing.  I had a blood pressure monitor on my arm that went off every 15 minutes which gave me a way to gauge how much time had passed and how much longer I would have to lie still.  The doctor was able to take a good number of samples both with the fine needle and some core samples.  These will be sent off to the microbiology unit for examination.

Whenever I have a CT scan or any other procedure where I am awake I give a lot of thought into what I am going to spent my time thinking about so that I don’t become overwhelmed in the middle of the procedure.  I often sing songs (quietly or in my head), recite bible verses that I have learned or spend my time in prayer.  I mentioned in my note yesterday how I had been encouraged by the verses in Isaiah about rising up on eagles wings and was reminded of a song that I learned years ago by Steve Bell.  I could only remember part of the words and was thankful to have found them online this morning before the biopsy.

Those who hope in the LORD shall renew their strength

We will walk for miles, we will stand up straight

We will not grow weary, we will not grow faint

On the wings of an eagle we will rise

On the wings of an eagle we will rise

On the wings of an eagle we will rise

For our hope is found in the power of God

On the wings of an eagle we will rise

I sang this over and over along with Great is Thy Faithfulness and the time passed quickly.

My next appointment at PMH is on Friday and I’m pretty sure that they will have some results for me.  I will report back when I know anything concrete.

Again, I am so thankful for your prayers.  We were all held up by them today and surrounded by your love.

Until next time,