Health Update:  This will be quick. I went downtown to see Dr. Rotstein today, the infectious disease doctor and he as he walked in the room he said that I was looking better than I was last week. I was surprised because since I saw him last I developed another cold infection which has made me feel short of breath and leaves me  even more winded than before.  That said, on examination he continued to think that I’m getting better.  I think that if I didn’t have this extra infection that I would really be feeling better.  I’m back downtown again for an appointment with the Bone Marrow Team.  Three trips downtown has made it a long week but I have arranged for next week that my appointments will all be on one day.  It’s much easier (and cheaper) to double up my appointments on the same day than make a few trips down in the week.

I’ve also had a few nights of good sleep, 5-6 consecutive hours which doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s more than I usually get.

So that’s the update.  That’s all she wrote.  There’s more to come but it will have to wait.