Thank you for your patience with me on this site.  The last few days have been rough with nausea setting in.  I’m on some meds to control the feelings and that seems to help.  I’ve been resting a lot and I guess I’m allowed.  I’m trying not to sleep my days away just to combat the boredom as sleeping during the day affects my night sleep and it’s pretty crummy to be wide awake in the middle of the night in the hospital with no sign of morning.

The transplant, as you know, took place on Wednesday around 3:30 p.m.  Jeff was in the room with me throughout the transfusion and a nurse stayed as well to monitor my vitals every 15 minutes.  I’m still trying to understand my own (emotional) reactions to the bmt.  It’s difficult to even begin to understand the self-lessness of the donor and all that their sacrifices will mean for me and my family in regards to my health and healing.  I am humbled and deeply thankful.

I’ve had a few visitors while I’ve been here on the inside, mostly family.  I’m thankful for their visits as they help pass the time and break through the boredom and sameness of each day.

While I’m here my doctors and team of nurses are encouraging me to walk around the ward each day for exercise.  I also have a stationary bike in my room to use.  The more I exercise the faster it helps my immune system to bolster and accept the new marrow.  It is my goal to walk 25 laps of the hallway, twice a day for a total of 2 miles.  It’s a bit of a pain pushing the IV pole around so I try to walk when I’m “capped off” and don’t need to push IV pole around.  I haven’t done too well on this goal the last few days both because of laziness and because of the nausea.  I also have a goal to bike 5 minutes/3 times each day.  I’m not doing well with this goal right now either because of the laziness and nausea.  I spoke with my nurses and they agree that these are good and attainable goals while I am recovering.

After such an anticipated week with the transplant, I don’t have much to write today.  I know that I am learning a lot about myself by being here in isolation and have realized already that God is not just interested in my health and healing while I am here on the 14th floor, but that He is also interested in my wholeness, my character and my attitudes.

With love and thanksgiving, Heather