I know it’s been a long time, again.  Here I am… if you’re still there too.

I’ve just got the time for a quick update tonight and a bit of a schedule for the upcoming weeks.  Here we go.

Since chemo last week things have been going pretty okay.  I did have one day of nausea again, right around the same timing in the 21 day cycle as before and I just tucked myself into bed and slept until the early afternoon.  I’m glad that’s over with!

This week is filled up with appointments and it is coming time to re-evaluate what the next steps will be, whether or not to have another round of chemo or to set things in motion for the transplant.  I still have great peace about the bmt but I realize that the days ahead of me are getting closer and closer to the transplant date (still to be determined) and I’d be lying to say that I don’t think about it from time to time.  I know that must sound so strange, to say that I think about the transplant “from time to time” but the reality is that cancer has become “normal” for us.  It is part of my life/our lives and not my entire life.  Cancer is a part of who I am, not who I am.  Cancer does not define me… I simply won’t let it.

So for my appointments  this week:

Monday, September 21:  CT Scan at PMH then an appointment with the Infectious Disease doctor at Toronto General Hospital across the street.  The scan will be looking at changes from my previous scan in early summer to help determine how my lymph glands have changed, shrunk, disappeared etc… It will also look at my liver, spleen as well and will be part of the tools used to determine whether I am ready for the transplant.

Wednesday, September 23:  Meeting with the bmt team at PMH.  We were asked to set aside 2-3 hours for this appointment.  This will be a heavy appointment, filled with information, evaluation and examinations and the advice of the transplant team will also be used to determine my readiness for the bmt.

Wednesday, September 30:  Appointment with Dr. Crump.  Also, depending on the decisions by Dr. Crump and the bmt team, I have a chemo appointment scheduled if necessary.

So as you can see, the next few weeks busy for me/us.  There will also be a lot of information to listen to and to share with family and friends.

We value your prayers at this time.

Love to you all,