That’s probably a strange title for today’s post because today was a chemo day.  Today was Day One/Round Two of the CHOP chemo and we arrived down at PMH, got Nathan settled and were called in quickly to get set up with an IV.  My nurse today was awesome and we had some good conversations as she went about her work.

But truthfully, the chemo was just the backdrop to my day.  It is the catalyst that caused or allowed all the other events of the day to unfold.

Chemo Party: Jeff stayed with me for my infusions, but at lunch he went down to eat with Nathan and to listen to the “Music in the Atrium” concert (two cello’s and a keyboard).  While he was gone, a good friend from high school who happened to be across the street for the day came by and to visit.  What a great way to pass the time during a chemo appointment!  And then, before I knew it, my sister and my Auntie came in with Jeff following behind.  With four visitor’s in the chemo room it was a bit crowded, but what a treat to catch up with friends and family.  As they left, I thanked the other patients for allowing me this impromptu Chemo Party.

Hat Sale: After I had my own lunch we went back downstairs where there was a hat sale, 50% off.  Unable to resist, I found a new hat for my growing collection that will look great at a wedding this weekend.

Family: We went for a walk downtown for a bit to just look around some of the shops and the day finished off with some great ice cream. Believe me when I tell you that watching a two year old eat an ice cream cone is both delightful and disgusting.  He had a blast and it was worth every drippy bite.

Home Sweet Home: As we drove into the driveway I could tell that something was different about our house.  There was a bench in the front entryway that wasn’t there when we left this morning.  I questioned Jeff about it but he pretended not to know anything about the transformation to our house today.  After walking through the front door, I could see that our house had been transformed.  I was bawling before Jeff and Nathan could even make their way through the door.  A few weeks ago a friend began to put a plan in action to gather a group of people to come and clean our house.  It is significant to me that the last words I spoke this morning as I left the house this morning were, “yeah, I know, it looks like a bomb went off here”.  And more than just cleaning, there are meals in the fridge and freezer and other gifts to make the days ahead easier for me and my family.

The Biggest Thing: I think that the most significant thing to me is this:  That you guys love my family.  That you know that Jeff and Nathan are being affected by all that is happening to me and that you are loving and caring for them in significant ways.  That brings such joy and blessing to me.  It makes it easier for me to face an upcoming long stay in the hospital for the bmt procedure and the long time of recovery because I know that they are loved and cared for.  They are not forgotten.

So thank you, all of you who were a part of today.  Despite the chemo and the cancer, today was a great day.  A day I won’t ever forget.  A day that I will tell and retell of God’s ongoing and overwhelming provision to us.  A day that will stand out as a forever reminder of God’s character and His love to us.



p.s.  I don’t know who cleaned the downstairs bathroom but I know that you must have drawn the short stick.  I hope there’s an extra jewel in your crown waiting for you in heaven.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.