This is just going to be a quick note. I wanted to write earlier but I was busy with some family fun and house activities. That’s the good news, that I had energy to play with my family and do some work around the house.

Bottom line: Yesterday went well (details to follow in another post) and today was a great day. I can’t answer for tomorrow because I’m not there yet. I’m tired, but I usually get tired around this time. Tonight I’m going to listen to that tiredness and tuck myself into bed. I just didn’t want you to think that my absence here meant that I was feeling worse than I am.

I know that everyone has their own ideas about cancer and chemotherapy based on their own knowledge and experiences. And I know that based on knowledge and experiences some of you may have questions about my particular cancer, chemotherapy treatment and side effects. I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. My cancer story is an open book… let’s face it, it’s on the internet for anyone to read. There are no stupid questions, or at least, after 11 years, no stupid questions that I haven’t heard. Leave your questions in the comment section, send me an email or talk to me face to face.

Off to bed. Joyfully.