The Schedule: Yesterday we travelled downtown to PMH to visit with Dr. Crump. After a quick physical it was determined that I am “lumpy and bumpy”, referring to my swollen glands and the angry red rash on my arms and legs. Just how every young woman wants to be described, eh?

Next Monday I am scheduled to go downtown to see Dr. Crump again and then my first chemo appointment is set for Tuesday in Chemo Daycare at PMH. My understanding is that the chemo will be administered by IV on a three week schedule. This can change based on my blood counts prior to my chemo appointments to ensure that I am “healthy” enough to receive the treatment. Based on our conversation with Dr. Crump yesterday, it sounds like I will receive this chemo for 3 rounds.

**Edit** My first chemo appointment is scheduled for Tuesday, July 28th. Then I will be off for three weeks. My following chemo appointment is scheduled for Wednesday, August 19th. Off again for three weeks. Waiting for more appointments. (Sorry for the confusion. I can’t even blame it on chemo brain yet!)

The Rash: As I mentioned, my rash is back. Truth be told, it’s never really gone away. The rash is mostly on my lower legs, upper arms and my neck. It seems to be sun related or drug related, but since I haven’t been given any new medications and I’ve been pretty careful to stay out of the sun, we just don’t  know anymore. It really has Dr. Crump (and all the other guys I’ve seen) baffled. We don’t know the cause or even how to treat it. It’s not usually itchy, although it’s always ugly, but when it does flare up again, it is raised and bright pink or red. Yesterday and today my legs have been itchy enough I could scratch them all day, with no relief.

So, that’s it. That’s what I know. There are still lots of questions, of course. We’re writing them down for my next meeting with Dr. Crump.

Jeff and I are also taking an honest look at what we anticipate to be some of our needs over the next few weeks and months. We are working together with some  friends to put a plan in place for those who would like to help out in some practical, tangible ways.

Love H.