That is what I heard today from the Infectious Disease (ID) doctor at Toronto General Hospital. Good news.

Now, he was making some recommendations to Dr. Crump regarding how to best treat me and the cough and congestion that lingers. He also wants me to follow up with the doctor who performed the bronchoscopy at Mount Sinai Hospital back in February. I’ve got another appointment with the Infectious Disease doctor in 2.5 weeks. So that’s progress.

The ID doctor is suggesting that whatever is hanging around my lungs is not a bacterial infection, but a viral infection and because of my immune compromised cells, it just takes a long time to get healthy again. His recommendations should help to put me on the right track.

So, this is just short tonight. I wanted to give you opportunity to cautiously celebrate with us over the good news and to continue to keep me in your prayers as I move forward.

Love to you,


p.s. We’re back on the pottty training band wagon again. We’re hoping that the box and a half of diaper thats we have at home will be the last ones that we’ll need to buy for during the day time (experienced parents, you can laugh quietly now…). Nathan’s been running around in “waffle underwear” outside in the garden for most of the day. When the timer goes off every 1/2 hour, he sits for two minutes. When the timer is up, he gets a Skittle. If he performs, he gets two. We also have a “potty song” that my Mom sang to me when I was toilet training. If it worked for me, it can work for Nathan!