That’s right. I spent last night in the ER. Again.

About the time Jeff put Nathan to sleep last night I thought that I might have a fever. I took my temperature and was shocked to see that it was pretty high. In fact it was higher than the night before when I had checked myself into the ER. We weren’t really sure what to do since I had already been treated for the fevers with an antibiotic and the blood cultures wouldn’t be back for another 24 hours. But after monitoring my temperature for a few hours I realized that this fever wasn’t breaking. After a call to PMH and talking with an on call nurse we made the decision for me to go back.

So, that’s where I spent my night. I wasn’t released until 6:00 this morning. I had a chest x-ray and more blood work done. There still isn’t any more news about why I have the fevers. A call was made to Dr. Crump so that he was aware of what had happened over the weekend. Jeff was also able to fax him all of the notes and blood work from yesterday and today.

Since I’ve been home I’ve been resting. My temperature was high again this afternoon but I’m monitoring that closely.

I’m not planning on heading out to the ER tonight so I’m looking forward to a good night sleep in my own bed.