On Wednesday of last week I attended Look Good, Feel Better, a program offered at PMH. This is a national program sponsored by the makeup and beauty industry (they have a proper name but it has escaped me right now…) and offers women who are undergoing chemotherapy an opportunity to learn about safe make up practices while you have a lowered immune system, practical tips on how to care for your skin and nails and all kinds of make up tips for women who are at a vulnerable place in their lives. The premise of course, is that if you look good, you’ll feel better. At the beginning of the 2 hour session, each woman is given a box filled with cosmetics, cleansers, lotions and potions to use during the session that have been donated for the Look Good, Feel Better program. The program also offers instruction and advice about wigs (both synthetic and human hair), scarves and other types of hair coverings.

As I mentioned, this is a national program and is offered in hospitals all over Canada.  If you are, or know a woman who is going through chemotherapy (or radiation) treatments I would highly recommend this program. Keep in mind that this endorsement comes from me, a woman who wrote the post Why I Don’t Wear Make Up. There is a lot of value in meeting with other women who are going through similar situations. And while the volunteers can’t speak to each individual medical situation, they are able to offer some really practical, general tips for caring for yourself during treatments. Please pass on this information on to anyone you think would enjoy this program. Thanks.

Looking Good and Feeling Better (and promptly crying all my make up off…),