I won’t be long tonight. Still not much to say…

I was awake for a good part of the early morning (1:00-4:30ish) and a lot of that time was spent in prayer and conversation with God. And so even though I didn’t sleep, I did feel that the time was well spent. I mean, what did you accomplish in that same time frame?…

Just before trying to fall back asleep again I decided to take my temperature. Now, I know that I am supposed to monitor my temperature pretty regularly, and I’m pretty good, but at 3:30 last night I decided to check just out of curiousity. Also, since I take my temperature so often I am fairly accurate at guessing what my temperature is and whether or not I’m having a fever. Imagine my surprise then when the temperature read 38.8 C (101.8 F). When I have a fever over 38.5 I am to go to the ER for blood cultures and to be examined to find out what is going on and figure out what type of infection my body is fighting.

Long Story Short:
I spent the afternoon in the ER at the Ajax/Pickering Hospital. Blood work was taken and I was sent home to wait for the results. So that’s what we’re doing. Waiting. Since coming home I’ve had one fever, it’s breaking now. I’m looking forward to a good sleep tonight and hopefully some answers in the next 24-48 hours.

Thank you for your continued prayers.