After heading down to PMH 3 times last week I am glad to announce that I have two weeks off… almost. I have an ultrasound appointment booked for next Tuesday at Toronto Western as a follow up to my CT scan last week and then my next appointment with Dr. Crump isn’t scheduled until March 30th. I couldn’t be happier.

Part of the reason for the time off is 1) March Break and my doctor is away (and since I think he is the greatest, I don’t even mind) and 2) to give me a little more time to heal from my chest infection. And, even though the x-ray showed improvement to the one from a few weeks ago, I will remain on medication until I see Dr. Crump.

Having two weeks off continues to give me time to rest and feel stronger and so far, it’s working. I’m feeling great (read: probably a 7 or 8/10) and as I’m feeling better, I have more energy to have fun with my family. Already this week Jeff and I took Nathan to the Toronto Zoo. We have a zoo membership and live just 10 minutes away and it was so nice to walk around, chase Nathan, see the animals and enjoy the sun. We’re also heading out to Bruce Mills to see how Maple Syrup is made, one of my favourite spring time activities.

I know, I know, I’m supposed to be resting. And I am. But it’s also good for me to be out and about in the fresh air when I’m feeling up to it. And besides, you probably couldn’t change my mind anyways!

So, I’m not sure that there will be much to write about over the next two weeks. We’re doing well here. Nathan continues to sleep through the night (YAHOO!) and Jeff and I are enjoying hanging out as a family and sharing more of the parenting/work load.

One more thing: Since I’m feeling so well right now and we know that there is some time before my next chemo treatment and all that goes with it, Jeff and I have decided to start toilet training Nathan. That’s right. We’re out of our minds…