Well, this week quickly went from a “one visit to PMH” week to a “three visits to PMH” week. Let me explain.

This past weekend I had been experiencing some pain on my left side (inside, under my ribs). If I’m standing still, not much pain, but if I need to turn to get something from behind me, bend over to get something, breathe too deeply, cough unexpectedly, try to blow my nose or try to get from lying down on my back to a sitting/standing position: forget it.

So, even though my appointment with Dr. Crump was scheduled for Wednesday, I called this morning to let the team know about this pain. As I expected, arrangements were made to make the trip down this afternoon. It actually worked out well, considering. We were already were planning on going to Yorkdale Shopping Mall to meet with friends who are getting married at the end of the month and Jeff is performing the ceremony. Travelling downtown from Yorkdale is the cheapest way to travel downtown on the TTC (subway) so after the meeting, we went down to PMH.

Once we arrived, I had blood work scheduled and a chest x-ray to compare with the x-ray from a few weeks ago prior to the antibiotics and antifungal medication. So, once Dr. Crump came in and examined me, he determined that there really isn’t much difference between my x-ray from two weeks ago and my x-ray from today. I’m not really all that surprised, although, certainly I’m feeling much better than I was back two weeks ago. Much better.

Okay, so my appointments this week: I’m scheduled in for a blood transfusion on Wednesday morning at 9:00 and I’m scheduled for a CT scan on Thursday night at 6:00. My doctor is also putting me back on the antifungal medication for two weeks to further take care of the remnants of the chest infection.

So, that’s our week.

That said, we did come home to a surprise meal of Chicken Soup, Fresh Bread and Doughnuts from a Nut Free Bakery (Nathan has a nut allergy and we had given up having doughnuts or any other store bought baked goods with Nathan around.)  What a treat to sit down around the table and eat these doughnuts at the end of a long day. Nathan loved it. We loved it. And we’ll love it again tomorrow when we eat the last of them. Yummmmm.

I’m working hard at not letting my circumstances dictate my emotions. This of course is easier when I’m feeling at my best but it is an important lesson to learn even when I’m not feeling 100%. Perhaps even more important.

One more thing. Some of you will remember that I was scheduled to start treatment again this week. That has been postphoned until at least next week once the infection and this pain are more under control.

Off for the night to rest.

Thanks for following along on our journey.