I’m a Thanksgiving Baby. The year Mom had me, she had her turkey dinner in the hospital. Delivered six weeks early, at 4lbs 10oz everyone was thankful for my safe, no complications arrival. Each year at Thanksgiving I joke around the Thanksgiving table, “Thank you all for coming to celebrate my birthday”. In fact, on my 16th birthday, when Mom asked what I would like for dinner at my party, I said, “A turkey dinner”. And while I recognize now that my friends were probably expecting pizza and pop, all I can say is… I’m a Thanksgiving Girl through and through.

I’ve always just thought of my “Thanksgiving-ness” (if you will) as just centered around my birthday and a celebration of family and friends, thankful for all that God has provided. But recently, I’ve noticed that being a Thanksgiving Girl has really shaped who I am in a “to the core” kind of way. If you’ve been following along on this blog, whether you know me or not, you’ll know that I am a glass half full, look for the silver lining, all sunshine, give the benefit of the doubt, have faith that God will show up and prove Himself faithful kind of girl. Thanksgiving is as much a part of me as my eyes are brown.

So, here’s where I find myself. Thankful. For everything. For cards and gifts and tears and words of encouragement and meals and babysitting and… and… and… the list goes on. But the word “Thank You” sounds like so much less than what I feel. In fact, “thank you” feels as common as a penny and worth about just as much.

I am overwhelmed. We are overwhelmed. And our words just don’t seem enough. We are surprised by new expressions of your love everyday. And we say THANK YOU! And we mean it. From the core of who we are. Thank You.

One more thing. I know that some of you are interested in helping us in more tangible ways than mentioned here on our blog. By all means, if God has laid it on your heart to care for us or help us in a specific way, you can contact us here on the blog and we can work out a way to make that happen. We thank God for you and the part you play in our lives.