There hasn’t been much time for reflection this week. In fact, with three full days down at PMH, there hasn’t been time for much of anything this week. But I did want to send out an update for today. Nothing fancy, just the facts.

My Aunt came with me today for the fun. I am thankful for her flexible schedule and willingness to join me on this journey. (And for the white mocha from Second Cup at the end of the day!)

First off, blood work.

Next: CT scan… and listen to this… I didn’t have to drink any “juice” (you know what I’m talking about… that gross peach flavoured whatever it is) not even one drop. And, no IV with dye. Just lie down with my arms above my head. Breathe in, breathe out.

After looking at the scan, Dr. Crump scheduled for a “Breathing” doctor (work with me, it’s late and I’ve had little sleep this week and, yes I realize that it would be best if all my doctors were breathing…) to come and take a look at the scan and make some assessments. 

While, it was decided that for sure I have an infection in my lungs, the jury is still out on what kind of infection it is, either bacterial or fungal. For that we’ll have to wait for a broncioscopy (as in, looking right into my lungs!). That’s scheduled for Monday.  They tried to get things arranged for today, but with it being late on Friday afternoon, it was impossible.

So, where does that leave me? I was sent home with an antibiotic that should help to make me feel better. We’ll just see how the weekend goes.

Love to you all.