I’ve only got energy for point form tonight. Here’s what’s been happening today.

*After much confusion, had blood transfusion at PMH

*Still having fevers and cough

*Doctor will call in the morning with scheduled CT scan at PMH for tomorrow to further determine the cause of my ongoing fevers and cough

*Left hospital at 5:30 p.m…. That’s right, during rush hour… and dinner time… with a 2 year old

*Did the most normal thing I’ve done all week: We went out for dinner as a family at a restaurant. Who knew that going for dinner could bring so much joy. (Although it did have some rough spots… remember the 2 year old.)

*Arrived home and got Nathan in bed by 8:45

*Put some laundry on for tonight (I’m having night sweats throughout the night so each morning I wake up to a new pile of laundry and need to make sure that 2-3 sets of p.j.s are ready for the new night.)

*Arranged for my Auntie to take me downtown for tomorrow’s appointment

*Watched some CSI (special thanks to my sister who PVR’d Survivor for me)

*Off to bed. Eager to sleep, fever’s or not. So tired.