I did have a few hours of rest from my fevers last night and that was a real treat. I told one friend that I had traded my “fever red” cheeks for “pasty winter white” cheeks and that was okay by me. I (cautiously) thought for sure that the fevers had stopped and that I would get a good night sleep. I was wrong, but equally thankful that Jeff and Nathan slept well.

We did head down to PMH today after dropping Nathan off at my sister’s house for a play date. I was so feverish that Jeff drove with his hat and mitts on while I had my coat, hat and mitts off and the window down. That’s love. Thanks Jeff.

The doctor was obviously concerned about my cough and sent me for a chest x-ray. The whole thing is digital so he had the x-ray in minutes. So cool. That said, it didn’t show anything profound that was wrong.

And, (I can hear you asking) what about that blood transfusion that I was waiting for? It didn’t happen today. I had misunderstood thinking that it was scheduled for today. What actually took place was that the blood work that precedes the transfusion (blood matching) had been ordered for today. That way, if I did need a transfusion, they would already be looking for a match. That said, I do have another appointment tomorrow afternoon for the transfusion and I am counting down the hours. 

On a separate note but related note: Jeff gave blood yesterday at one of our local clinics. He has O- blood, which is universal. He had been called the day before asking to donate because there was an immediate need at Sick Kids. Jeff has given blood many times over the years (I tried watching once, but I waited over at the juice and snack station…). Often he is told that Canadian Blood Services had been waiting for his donation and that it will be rushed down to a particular hospital to meet an urgent need.

Oh… I’ve got so much more to say about blood transfusions and blood donations but I’m going to wrap this up for tonight.

I will ask you this though: Would you consider becoming a blood donor? Perhaps you’re a first time donor. Perhaps you haven’t donated in a while. At least take the time to consider it.

Two of the most significant gifts that I have received have been from two friends who have sent repeated emails to me saying: Heather, I just gave blood today and I thought of you.

Love to you all,