There’s no other way of saying it, it’s been a rough week.

Since our romantic evening out at the A/P Hospital there hasn’t been much of a change in how I’ve been feeling. I’m still having fevers around the clock, night sweats, coughing and congestion. I have been in and out of feverish sleep for most of each day. 

I wrote in an earlier post about Keeping Your Eyes Fixed on Jesus. That has been hard to do this week. Not only because I’ve been asleep most of each day, but when I am awake, my thoughts have often turned to me and my own situation. This is a lesson that I still need to learn. Probably one we all need to learn.

And so there it is.

We’re off tomorrow to PMH and Blood Transfusion.

Big thanks to Jeff who has taken the Lion’s Share of the work this week. He has gone above and beyond… on his birthday no less. “For better, for worse. In sickness, in health.” I love you.