As you know, I took chemo on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week without any fanfare or excitement.  Yesterday (Wednesday) I was feeling pretty tired in the afternoon even though Nathan and I had good naps.  Today I woke up and knew I needed help.  Auntie Edith came to the rescue.  She came and spent the day with Nathan as I went in and out of sleep for the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon. I’ve got play dates planned for tomorrow so I think Nathan and I should be taken care of for the day.

I will forever be thankful for CBC Kids and Treehouse TV as it made for some pretty easy and restful days.  And, whoever makes Play Doh also gets a big thumbs up for the hours of Barber Shop fun yesterday and today.  Dad would never let us play with Play Doh in the house, for good reason, the stuff makes a mess, but it sure did save the day.  And anyways, isn’t that what brooms are for.  I guess while I’m at it, thanks to the Broom Makers because Nathan loves them too.

One more thing, and I’m not really sure how this fits in so I’ll just say it.  I am so thankful for my family.  Not just Jeff and Nathan, but all the extensions and branches of my Family Tree. I am thankful for the legacy that each of my parents families have left to us to carry on in my generation and in the generations to come.  I know that our family situation is not a reflection of what exists in so many of your stories, and that breaks my heart.  Family, I love you guys.