Chemo: I started chemo again today. Two more days to go. I’m taking the pills in the morning after breakfast.  Jeff let me sleep in this morning so it was so nice to get some extra rest. So far I’m feeling the same. My ear ache has started again, mostly on the left. I’m taking the Tylenol’s when I need to but not around the clock.

Sleep: We would all be sleeping better if Nathan wasn’t waking up in the night. The last few nights he’s been waking up screaming and wants to be rocked in his chair. He lays there quietly in my arms, but not always falling asleep right away. (It’s been my choice to get up with Nathan, not Jeff’s neglect… just so we’re clear!) Once he’s asleep, he manages to make it until an acceptable time in the morning.

One More Thing: We have been attending a church in Ajax since January. In talking with the youth pastor, we came to find out that one of his students was dying at home with terminal cancer. I’ve never met this young man, nor his family and I only know so few details of his story but I have prayed for him and shed tears for him and his family over the last few weeks. Nathan and I found a photo of him in the local paper and we put it on the fridge to remind us to pray for him and his family.

It was announced on Sunday that this 14 year old young man was ushered into Jesus presence after a “heroic battle with cancer”.  Would join with myself and others and lift his family into the arms of Jesus?

Love to you all,