Well, we hopped into the car this morning at 8:50 to head downtown to PMH.  The plan was to drive downtown but the weather and stop-and-go traffic suggested that we turn around, park the car and take the GO Train.  We did.

Each visit is mostly the same with a few “Choose Your Own Adventure” turns to make it interesting.  For those who don’t know, here’s what our visits usually look like.

First stop, blood work.  Stand in line, show health and hospital card, get a number and wait. One of the slogans they have posted in the lab reads “Without us, your doctor is just guessing.”  And so while this is not my favourite stop along the way, I understand how important it is to my health story.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Depending on how long the wait is for that day we either 1)Drop Nathan off at the Magic Castle (more about this wonderful, free service in a separate post), 2) Get coffee at Tim Hortons, 3) Just wait.

After my blood work has been drawn, we head upstairs to the 2nd floor Hematology Unit, show health and hospital card and wait.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Jeff and I usually bring some kind of “distraction” with us, either a book or knitting but my favourite way to spend time in the waiting room is to talk with the other patients and share our cancer stories.  We’re all there for the same reason, and we’re all at various places in our journey.  I have been encouraged, humbled and touched deeply by some of the conversations that we have had in the waiting room.

Once a room is ready and the results of the blood work have arrived my name is called and we’re taken into an examination room to wait for the doctor.  Since PMH is a teaching hospital, I am usually examined first by a student/physician assistant (I’m probably insulting these people with this title, but I’m not sure what they are really called…Help?)  Then Dr. Crump comes in to examine me, assess my blood work and make changes, recommendations to my current treatment schedule.

Choose Your Own Adventure:  Today, based on my blood work, a Blood Transfusion has been scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at 1:00.  Also, the rash on my arms/legs is still of concern to the doctors (and us) and so a small biopsy was taken from one of the effected spots on my arm.  Also, a prescription was written for more Tylenol 3 to take care of the pain in my ears.

After seeing the doctor, we head back out to the waiting room to wait for my next appointment schedule.  

Choose Your Own Adventure: Jeff usually heads downstairs to pick up Nathan from the Magic Castle.  Today, Jeff and Nathan waited for my appointment schedule while I went downstairs for more blood work.  This blood work was to “blood type” me for tomorrow’s transfusion.

Homeward Bound.  These events usually take up most of the day.  We are often home again by 4:00 but since we took public transit, we were at the mercy of the GO Train Schedule and so today we were home again by 4:45.

One other thing to mention is that I have a CT scan scheduled for tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. at Toronto General Hospital.  The scan will be of my ears/neck/throat to try and determine the cause of the pain.  My sister, Pam has agreed to come with me for the appointment and I always enjoy our child-free times together.  Of equal importance, Toronto General Hospital has a Starbucks downstairs in the lobby, and since Pam is a “partner” she gets a discount.  And, since I’m the one who’s sick, she’ll probably pay!